domingo, 20 de marzo de 2016

My e-project prototype!

Good afternoon readers!
Today I would like to talk to you about my e-project prototype which has been created by using MovieMaker and posted on Youtube. And you may ask... What is an e-project? An E-project is a digital artifact and in our case we had to create a CLIL e-project so I have chosen the Economic first steps for 5th grade in Primary Education.

Why Money? Because I think it is a very interesting topic and not many people want to create a project about it. Despite I think Money is one of the most useful and realistic topics to be worked and the possibilities are wide.

But first of all... Let me show you my video.

But... The video looks easy, but the process of creating it wasn't that easy. The first thing I had to do was dealing with a Lesson Plan. I have taken a concrete design by Isabel Pérez Torres.
What tool did you use?
The video was created with MovieMaker since it is a tool I really like and enjoy using. It is very simple but at the same time it allows you to do many things such as adding effects or music by your own. I hope you all will enjoy it and you will feel more interested in my e-project. If you have never created a video using MovieMaker I recommend you to do it because it is very simple and neat and the same time and the results are awesome. It is the tool that our students sometimes use when they have to create a video or a presentation so it is a good idea to know it to give feedback to our students.
Thanks for everything and hope you will like it!

sábado, 19 de marzo de 2016

Evaluating an e-project

Good afternoon everybody! It is the first time I had to face the task of evaluating an e-project. Being honest I did not know much about e-projects so the first I had to do was analysing and reading what an e-project is and how to do it. Do you want to know the results?

My edesign evaluation has been done of an e-project called "Arts and Music around the world" which was created in 2014 by four of our Master's students. The reason that made me choose this eproject is because I am very interested in Arts and Music and I think they are basic subjects for our children so they help them develop their brain, attitude and feelings. Our partners did a good job two years ago. Here you have the link where you can check it: 

The first step for analysing the project was selecting the tool by which I would evaluate the project and I selected the "Evaluating Ebooks design" rubric because I consider that it gives you the keys of the exact elements you have to analyse. Thanks to this, it is easier to score since it is very clear what you are taking into account at every moment. The rubric is: 

Finally I would like to introduce the tool I have used to explain my evaluation which is Biteslide. It was the first time I used it but I discovered a neat, colorful and at the same time intuitive tool. I easily understood how to use it and the final result is very beautiful and dynamic since the tool allows you to use many possibilities such as changing the background, fonts, pictures... Biteslide is a good discover and I think my evaluation is very clear and well developed through it. Here you have the link to my evaluation:

Hope you liked my first evaluation of an e-project and I hope you will all like it. Soon I will post you my own e-project trailer... You just have to wait a bit ;)

Thanks for reading me!