domingo, 28 de febrero de 2016

A Bank of Common Knowledge: Pinterest

Good afternoon readers! Today I would like to explain you my first contact with a wide known social media: Pinterest. It is weird but I have never used this webpage until our TIC teacher told us it was a good idea for creating educative boards. I have heard about pinterest before, but I was not very sure of what the social media could offer for educational purposes. If you do not know Pinterest I recommend you to take a visit:

If you want to add me my account has my name: Mara Domínguez. Our teacher has created a board for all called "Open CLIL" in where all the partners that are taking the Master's are adding CLIL resources.

Pinterest offers you the possibility of creating boards, which are kind of pages in which you can add pines; links to pages, videos, pictures, resources... Moreover, Pinterest let you save all the pines other people have posted so you can have all the resources you like. You can create your own boards or ask for permission to be added to other boards.

Pinterest has resulted a very useful tool that I never taught it could be used for enriching my methodologies and techniques about CLIL. But do not worry if you would like to access to some of the resources, in the next entry I have included a Symbaloo link where you can find a resume of many pages.

Thanks for reading me and see you on Pinterest!

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