domingo, 28 de febrero de 2016

Organising my Resources

Hello everyone! I came here now to talk to you about Organising tools. As I have told you the last entry, I have participated in a bank of resources by using Pinterest with my mates and creating a board. Nevertheless I have decided to use another tool for organising my webpages different to Pinterest: Symbaloo

Why Symbaloo? My teachers taught me how to use the tool when I was in first grade at the University and I instantly liked it. I always taught it is a very visual tool, intuitive and neat And also very colorful so it can be used with our students and learn them how to create a bank of webpages useful for their suties. If you have curiosity and you want to take a look, here you have my CLIL webmix: 

You can also find other webmixes by using the search option, so you can create your own one but also benefit from the boards that other people have created and posted.

For all of you that do not know Symbaloo, it is an organising tool by which you can create webmixes. A webmix is a page with many cells in which you can create small images that are a link to a webpage. This images are called tiles and you can create your own tiles by adding a picture or letters or you can search for the tiles (I have done so for the social media tiles). In addition, you can classify the tiles and make groups so all the tiles about the same topic can be grouped and easily identified.

If you liked Symbaloo you can post a comment. Thanks!

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