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My PLE and PLN for CLIL

Hello dear readers. Some of you may know what PLE and PLN mean, but just in case I will briefly explain what are these acronyms. PLE means Personal Learning Environment and it is every tool or source from which you take information about a topic, in my case CLIL. By the other side, PLN means Personal Learning Network and it refers to all the ways by which you share the knowledge you have obtained about the topic.

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As I told you my PLN and PLE have been created for CLIL, so first I will explain you what I found positive about the tool and then my previous experience with the approach.

My PLE and my PLN created with the tool Mindomo. Before starting to create the Mindmap I decided to write all the ideas I had about the topic on a paper so I could think over my CLIL experiences so far. Focusing on the tool before analysing my CLIL environment, I would say it was the first time I used the Mindomo but I found it very easy and intuitive. I sooner learned how to use it and I will choose it in the future for other possible Mindmaps.

Coming back to CLIL I will explain how I have acquired knowledge about CLIL:
-Where have you gained that knowledge? My first steps in CLIL started when I was studying my degree in the University so the people who taught me about CLIL were my teachers. Nowadays the Master's Degree I'm taking at the Rey Juan Carlos is being a high learning source . I keep my CLIL knowledge up by using many Internet tools such as Google, by which I can read and investigate all the new CLIL aspects and theories. Also using Youtube by which I've just watched a Kay Bentley video last week so I can learn about CLIL at every moment. All the tools I've included helped me to expand my knowledge about the approach.
-My CLIL connections are wide, even though my specific training about the approach is not as wide as I would like, I'm on it. My English level is not at a proficient level but I have the English Certificate in Advanced English by Cambridge so I'm an advanced user of the language. Anyway, all my peers through these years and also my job partners have contributed to expand mi CLIL environment and network a lot, not only my teachers or the instruction, as well as I contributed to expand theirs through many tools such as whatsapp, facebook, twitter...
-About organising information the main tool I use is Dropbox. By this page I use to share and post many information about CLIL lesson plans, activities, information and more with my job partners. Also my blog is going to be another tool for posting information about CLIL through the following months.
I would like to end up by saying that I have never though before about my Personal Learning Environment and Network untill this moment and I realised I had learned from more places than I expected. It is completely positive to see all the elements that helped you and that will contribute to extend your information and training on this method so important to our future.
Thank you for reading me.

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