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It's time to say goodbye... My final reflections

Good afternoon readers, it is time to say a final goodbye. It was a pleasure to write during this time and I hope that you also enjoyed reading me. The ICT subject is finishing, but everything that I have learned will be always with me. Being honest, when I heard at first that I had to take an ICT subject I felt not very happy, because my general skills with technology are limited. But now, four months after that moment, I do not regret anything.

As I final task our teacher asked us to create a presentation in which we must put our reflections and impressions of the whole course. So, I opened the campus to see all the tasks that I have done and I started summarising all the ones that I liked the most and one that I found interesting but not as much as the rest. I have to say, that even from those that I didn't enjoyed that much, I have learned a lot. It is good to be critical and adapt your learning to what you think that must be useful for your teaching daily life.

So first of all let me speak about the tool I have used for the presentation, present.me. As the title in itself says, it is a tool to present whatever you want. In my case I decided to create a presentation with power point and later on, with the tool, put my own voice to the slideshows.
To use the tool the steps are easy:
  • First you have to sign up or create an account, I used my own google + account.
  • Then the options to create your presentation are wide, I decided to record my voice but you can also include videos.
  • I recorded my voice but I wanted to have pictures at the sime time and one of the options suggested is a ppt so I created mine with the Windows tool, PowerPoint.
  • Once that I had my ppt I uploaded it and I recorded the voice. You can also upload a voice file that you have created before.
  • The tool is very simple, you speak and at the same time you are passing the slideshows.

Now that you know how to use Present.me, which is a really nice discover is time to show you the presentation I have created. Thanks to it you will see and at the same time listen to all the reflections and the good moments that I keep from the ICT subject.

What do you think after watching it? As you can see I have included possitive aspects but also things that I prefered in another way. I wanted to say thanks to my group and also to the teacher because they have helped me a lot. And when I had to say goodbye I felt real sad because it has come to the end.

So, thanks for everything readers and please, leave a comment if you feel you must say goodbye too. But this is a goodbye to the subject, my ICT journey just has started and it is only the beginning of something. Learning never ends, specially for teachers.


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