domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

The video challenge

Good afternoon dear readers!! Today I would like to talk to you about a very exciting project we have done in our Master's Degree... Do you know what it is? A video challenge!!

By deiby-ybied.

Do you remember my partners? They are NeusMartaÁlvaroPaula and of course myself. Each of us had taken a different rol when creating our video, all of them very important. Paula and I were in charge of creating and designing the main aspects of the Storyboard with the help and corrections of our partners. Then we went to Moncloa, a neighbourhood of Madrid in where we recorded the video, being the main characters of it Marta and Álvaro (Imitating a father and a daugther).

For this challenge the first thing we had to do was to outline a Storyboard, or which means the same, a short description of what we wanted to speak about in our video, the dialogues and everything that will have to appear. Do you want to see what our Storyboard looks like? You have the documment here!

Instead of using a concrete tool for that, we decided to collaborate in group by creating a shared documment with Google docs in which all of us could edit and add everything that we considered for the video. For the structure we followed one of the templates that our teacher, @mjgsm gave us for the task because we found it very useful and clarifying.

Storyboards are basic and the first step that we must undertake when creating a project such as a video. When realising tasks like this with our students it is important that we tell them how to create a Storyboard, give them the necessary aspects and tools to take into account and guide them through the process.

When we have finished the Storyboard it was the moment for recording the video. As I told you it was recorded in Moncloa. It was funny because doing that in a city full of people, with lots of noise, was a real challenge but I think the final result is more than great. Do you want to see it? Here you have it!

Our video is going to be part of a collaborative project in The ESL times, a project in which many students can share knowledge related to English. We are participating as well so you can access the page by clicking on the picture.

I hope you enjoyed our video, see you soon!!

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