domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

Happy World Book Day

Happy World Book Day to everyone!! The 23rd of April many readers around the world celebrate this magic day in which everybody takes into account the importance of books in our culture, history and also in our daily lives. It is a day to celebrate that we have a treasure. It wouldn't be possible for me to explain in only one post everything that books mean to me, but I promiss you that they mean a lot.

(Only Harry Potter fans will understand the piture)

I started reading when I was able to, around the five years old. But before that, my mother used to read me books such as The neverending Story and I loved it!! Soon, I started to read books by myself such as: Harry Potter, Kika the Witch, The Lord of the Rings, The chronicles of Narnia and much more. It is not casual that all the books I have mentioned are Fantasy books, since it is my favourite genre!! By reading Fantasy books you can live adventures, meet fantastic and amazing creatures and travel through new worlds and realities.

So even if I have chosen one book my video is dedicated to every Fantasy book that has made my life more beautiful and full of dreams.

First of all let me tell you that the project I have created for the World Book Day has been done with the help of two amazing tools: Piktochart and Aurasma.

  • Piktochart is a tool by which you can create your own pictures or collages. Before the tasks in the Master's Degree I have never used it, but I found it quite simple and interesting at the same time. When I was a teenager I used photoshop, wich is far more difficult than Piktochart, so I learned how to use it fast. Piktochar allows you to create your own picture by adding images, backgrounds, cliparts and more. Under the explanation of Piktochart and Aurasma you can find my picture, do you like it?
  • Aurasma is a fantastic tool that allows you to create an augmented reality project. I have spoken about Aurasma before, so I won't write much more again. Only to tell you that it is a fantastic tool by which you take a picture and overlay a video, so when you put the mobile phone over the picture you can see my video. The result is amazing and I really liked watching my video like this, I felt so proud of myself. Just in case you want to use the tool, I put you here again the post of the tutorial that our group created.
  • Moviemaker is a tool I have used before when I created the video for my e-project "Money, money". As I have described then, I love the programme because it is easy to understand and you can add many effects to decorate your video. I recorded myself explaining you some facts about me as a reader and I really enjoyed it.

I know you cannot wait to see my Aurasma project but first of all you have to follow me if you want to see my aurasma, the name of my channel is Mara Domínguez:

And after that there is another step you must undertake, download the Aurasma app for your phone and then open the programme. Once you have opened it, you just have to click on the button to pin up the trigger and then you will see the video. My trigger is this one. Click on the picture to see my pin on the wall:

Besides, our teacher created a Book Day Wall in Pinterest so all of us can post our picture and the project. There all the students posted their pictures and you can see all the videos. I have written about Pinterest before, when I started using it. My perspective now is much more better since thanks to Pinterest I have found many resources, ideas and more to use in my classroom. I have never imagined how useful Pinterest resulted to be.

This project has resulted very funny and also a good tribute for all of us who love reading and books. In my video I want to reflect only a small part of how important is reading for me, but I hope that you would feel more interested for Song of Ice and Fire or reading in general.

Thanks for reading me and Happy World Book Day to everyone!!

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